WTP Endorsers Roundtable — Delaware and Chester Counties

The following legislators and candidates for the General Assembly joined the We The People–PA Action team to talk about why they support the We The People–PA agenda and what issues are most important to them and their constituents.

  • House District 26: Paul Friel
  • House District 74: Rep. Dan Williams
  • House District 168: Lisa Borowski
  • Senate District 26: Sen. Tim Kearney

The following legislators and candidates in Delaware and Chester Counties also support the We The People agenda but were unable to attend our event.

  • House District 155: Rep. Danielle Friel Otten  
  • House District 157: Rep. Melissa Shusterman  
  • House District 158: Rep. Christina Sappey  
  • House District 161: Rep. Leanne Krueger  
  • House District 162: Rep. Dave Delloso  
  • House District 163: Rep. Mike Zabel  
  • House District 165: Rep. Jennifer O’Mara  
  • House District 167: Rep. Kristine C. Howard  
  • Senate District 8: Senator Anthony Williams  
  • Senate District 9: Senator John Kane  
  • Senate District 19: Senator Carolyn Comitta 

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