WTP Endorsers Roundtable — Delaware and Chester Counties

The following legislators and candidates for the General Assembly joined the We The People-PA Action team to talk about why they support the We The People-PA agenda and what issues are most important to them and their constituents.

  • House District 26: Paul Friel
  • House District 74: Rep. Dan Williams
  • House District 168: Lisa Borowski
  • Senate District 26: Senator Tim Kearney

The following legislators in Delaware and Chester Counties support the We The People agenda but were unable to attend our event.

  • House District 155: Rep. Danielle Friel Otten  
  • House District 157: Rep. Melissa Shusterman  
  • House District 158: Rep. Christina Sappey  
  • House District 161: Rep. Leanne Krueger  
  • House District 162: Rep. Dave Delloso  
  • House District 163: Rep. Mike Zabel  
  • House District 165: Rep. Jennifer O’Mara  
  • House District 167: Rep. Kristine C. Howard  
  • Senate District 8: Senator Anthony Williams  
  • Senate District 9: Senator John Kane  
  • Senate District 19: Senator Carolyn Comitta 

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